A mobile structure ideal to relax and meditate

It’s the Dutch origin UNStudio and directed by Ben van Berkel, at the origin of this mobile structure dedicated to relaxation. This project belongs to a series of houses resulting from ” precrafted revolution “, a collection of structures whose the large variety of functions is designed to complete the existing spaces.

This structure all in curves and roundness is composed of strands structure of polyethylene, 100% recyclable but not only. The uniqueness of this project is that it has been initially digitally designed and developed before being then woven by hand by the artisans.

This space makes it possible to each and everyone to escape from the urban life to take time, to rest, read, meditate… or Exchange. Similar to a cocoon, the curved sides of the structure narrow towards the interior as they go up.

The openings rounded blur the border between inside and outside, a corner living room, in hollow, following the contours fluids of space allowing thus to offer at the time , comfort and tranquility, to the shelter of the World out