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The synergy of an international Presence

Since first opening their Paris head office in 1985, ArchiBat HR has created new branches in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Dubai. ArchiBat HR advises companies on how to build up their teams overseas.
ArchiBat HR guides applicants in the evolution of their careers and keep them updated onthe specific requirements of its customers in each country.

ArchiBat HR in Europe and in the Middle East

By its unique specificity in Architecture, Engineering and Property Management, ArchiBat HR is consulted to recruit Europeans candidates, often multilingual profiles to constitute multi cultural teams on numerous big projects. This research for qualified personnel is particularly complex and asks for a transnational approach. ArchiBat HR brings you its thorough knowledge of the European markets by mastering how to identify and attract the candidates where they practice. By a commercial representation in Dubai since 2011, ArchiBat HR provides its recruiting expertise to architecture and engineering companies, construction companies, and also retail businesses located in the Middle East. ArchiBat HR has accordingly established a presence in the whole surrounding area: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Sultanate of Oman, India... where many project manager, interior designer, technical manager and business development positions are available.

ArchiBat HR in Asia

In 2007, ArchiBat HR opened a branch in Shanghai to participate in the dynamics of the construction industry in Asia. ArchiBat HR has put together in Shanghai a multicultural team of 15 consultants who have been trained in Europe and Asia. They speak four languages fluently: Mandarin, Cantonese, English and French. ArchiBat Asia is the first recruiting agency specialized in Architecture and Engineering in China. It has quickly become a privileged partner for Asia based companies and firms that are willing to establish their business in the area. In 2012, ArchiBat HR opened a branch in Hong Kong in order to be closer to its clients based in the Asian/Pacific Region (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma...) For more information on ArchiBat Asia, please visit our website.

Read the interview of Antoine Moyon-Dorfmann, Managing Director of ArchiBat Asia.
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