It is Invisible Studio, an Anglo-Saxon agency based in Bath, has built this mobile micro-dwelling resembling a tipi design using recycled materials and locally produced wood.

Modular, versatile and sold as a kit, this low-cost 40 m2 micro-home can be assembled in just a few hours by just about anyone. Named Trailer, this space can be used for various purposes in various places, whether it is a workspace or a place to live. In addition to its economic side, it is easily transportable. A trailer and its done.

Natural light is preferred, which is why polycarbonate panels are positioned at both ends of the house.

The structure is coated with fiberglass and corrugated steel on the outside. The inner walls are dressed with plywood.

Inside, a living space runs the full length of the structure with a gas stove in the middle. There is a toilet and a small cooking area in the widest part of the structure.

Two ladders give access to sleeping platforms at each end of the house to be able to take a nap between two work sessions!