This is the duo of photographers Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis who are at work in this series of beautiful shots. Their love for colorful contemporary architecture led them to create an Instagram account in which they pose amid geometric urban decorations throughout Europe.

Architects by training, it is at the university that they meet. Anna Devis says that before joining the university, she drew everything that came to her mind. It is through photography that she is best able to put pictures on what she thinks, what she feels. This art of seizing the T moment, having the perfect angle, the perfect brightness, translates more quickly his emotions that the drawing which is a longer process.

Their work begins with playful photoshoots that have gradually evolved into “minimalistic architectural self-portraits focused on creativity”

It is the love of the refined architecture and the art of staging in these unknown places that appear in these pictures. Daniel Rueda says that it is the context that takes precedence over the main subject of the image, which is why buildings and architecture are so important for his work as a photographer.


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