CORAZYs is “Homestore” shop offering a range of decorative products for the home. The shop located in Omotesando – the Tokyo equivalent of the Champs Elysées – was designed by architect, Emmanuelle Moureaux. She established her practice, “emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design” in Tokyo in 2003. Her trademark: colours. She is noted for using colour to structure and enhance different spaces. That is exactly what she has done for this shop.

A library of colours

The shop is presented as a library. The large shelves, painted in the four colours of the shop’s colour scheme, are arranged to showcase the everyday objects sold by CORAZYs.


So that all the items are accessible to customers, empty boxes resembling books are arranged on the upper shelves.


Soft shades that draw the eye

Viewed from outside, the four colours stand out against the immaculate white walls even though the chosen shades are soft. The one hundred plus items in the shop are displayed through colour where you can find everything from cooking utensils to school supplies.

The shelves are backless enabling you to discover the different colour schemes of the collections.


The aim of this “library” is to entice customers into the shop and encourage them browse and explore the shelves to find the item they need, but also, and most importantly, to make them want to return and find something else, just like you do with books and reading in a library.


A space combining the concepts of a library, shop and showroom – we love it, how about you?