Located in Costa Rica in Santa Teresa, the Mint Hotel nestled in the heart of the vegetation is a real haven of peace to escape from the urban “concretization”. This hotel, surrounded by green nature allows its residents to enjoy the local sport – surfing!

Designed by the Saxe studio, this hotel offers a series of platforms raised on stilts. The terraces follow the curves of the hill in which the hotel is inserted with delicacy, allowing vegetation to grow between the various teak decks.

The pristine whiteness of the buildings and their linearity show a nice contrast with the surrounding greenery. It is a perfect harmony that settles between nature and concrete cohabiting well in a beautiful balance.

The Saxe studio starts with a simple but true statement, artificial beauty is only an embellishment of the beauty of nature. That’s why they opted for an unpretentious architecture, so that the building with minimalist design does not disfigure the plant frame.

In a few hundred meters you can see the ocean, and thus hear the waves act as lullaby. The suites are outdoors and blend in perfectly with the decor.

These are Swedish investors who have embarked on this adventure by falling in love with the region during a safari surf. Not less than 660 square meters are available in this hotel out of time, but it is, nevertheless, the idea of getting the more discreet as possible, that prevailed when the realization of it, in order not to antagonize the nature.

Known for the quality of its immersive design and its fondness for craftsmanship, the Saxony studio has worked painstakingly on every detail in order to successfully merge the construction with the landscape. The local artisans have been in charge of the creation of the furniture, with a mission to marry traditional manufacturing and contemporary design.